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Welcome to PhraseReader

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  • Make text easier to read on small screens.
  • Make reading as effortless as watching a video.
  • Read faster, by reading whole phrases at a time.
  • Speed through any text, with better comprehension.

How To:

1. Paste your text into the textbox. read faster free 2. Press the Parse button to launch the display window. free online speed reading tool 3. Press the Play button to begin displaying your text. speed reading tools

After pressing play:
Your text — will be displayed — one phrase — at a time.
These phrases — are not just — random word chunks,
but easy-to-read, — meaningful phrases.


  4. Left Text Area: Speed Down 25 WPM
  5. Right Text Area: Speed Up 25 WPM
  6. Center Text Area: Start or Pause Display
  7. Play Button: Start Display
  8. Pause Button: Pause Display
  9. Inner Arrows: Previous or Next Phrase
10. Outer Arrows: Previous or Next Sentence
11. Reset Button: Beginning of Text
12. Close: Close Window

Info Areas:

13. xx / xx: Current / Total Phrases
14. xxx wpm: Current Speed
15. xx:xx: Time Left at Current Speed
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