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online speed reading tool

Welcome to PhraseReader

Paste  •  Parse  •  Play

  • Make text easier to read on small screens.
  • Make reading as effortless as watching a video.
  • Read faster, by reading whole phrases at a time.
  • Speed through any text, with better comprehension.

How To:

1. Paste your text into the textbox. 2. Press the Parse button to launch the display window. 3. Press the Play button to begin displaying your text.

After pressing play:
Your text — will be displayed — one phrase — at a time.
These phrases — are not just — random word chunks,
but easy-to-read, — meaningful phrases.


  4. Left Text Area: Speed Down 25 WPM
  5. Right Text Area: Speed Up 25 WPM
  6. Center Text Area: Start or Pause Display
  7. Play Button: Start Display
  8. Pause Button: Pause Display
  9. Inner Arrows: Previous or Next Phrase
10. Outer Arrows: Previous or Next Sentence
11. Reset Button: Beginning of Text
12. Close: Close Window

Info Areas:

13. xx / xx: Current / Total Phrases
14. xxx wpm: Current Speed
15. xx:xx: Time Left at Current Speed